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Likeness Ambassador

Likeness Ambassador, or LA, is a professional fan who invests their time in you to help you succeed. LA's come from all walks of life and vary in all ages, the one thing they share for sure is a deep love for sports teams and players. 

We specifically hire individuals that have a strong passion for you and your team, a hard work and professional ethic, and all around good humans. They are big fans of your team, its personnel, and soon become experts about you, your career and your interests. It is their job to stay up on you as part of that and help you get your message out to your family, your friends, and your community. Whether you want to public speak, host events, sell merchandise, or more.

Want to be a Likeness Ambassador?

Take your passion to the next level

Become a Likeness Ambassador and get exclusive access to professional athletes, helping the to improve their likeness online.

Keys to being a successful LA

  • Be a super fan

  • Be professional

  • Manage up

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